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On January 10, 2009 I jumped aboard the Digital Bus.  I felt like a child on their first day of school; filled with excitement for the new ventures I would come across and yet worried about the unknown.

The journey started with my introduction to blogging, a world I thought I could never get any use out of, and one that definitely wasn’t for me.  Little did I know it is truly a world for everyone and anyone that has something to say or share. When I was writing my first blog, I was constantly worried about what other people would think rather than focusing on what I thought and what I wanted to share.  I soon came to realize that your blog is part of your identity, as is the rest of your digital presence.  Understanding this was my key to creating this blog with a true reflection of who I am, with my thoughts and opinions.   

Although learning to develop my own blog was an accomplishment that I am still excited about, I am even more enthused about starting to follow my fellow bloggers.  In the past I considered blogs to have unreliable information in comparison to websites with prominent names, I didn’t think I could trust only the opinion of a random stranger.  Today I feel blogs give me another perspective and an insiders view on the things I am interested in.  It is truly a unique way to learn from the world at a more personal level. 

I never imagined that I could have a global network that encompasses people of all ages, locations, demographics and cultures that I can learn from.  My favorite part about this network and this digital world it lies in, is the fact that it is truly a place with no prejudice.  Each person offers a unique perspective in a digital world where everyone can provide their various levels of expertise.  This is the magic of the Digital World and the wonder that was shown to me on the digital bus.   

In addition to the eye opener to the digital world and the tips and tools on how to use it, I was taught another valuable lesson that I will keep with me from here on.  I have always been the type of person that likes to try new things but in the recent past I have generally tried new things that are only of interest and benefit to me.  For example I have always used Facebook as my social networking utility and kept a blind eye to others that are out there.  Being forced into looking at other options like LinkedIn and Twitter and actually learning to use them has opened so many them has opened a whole new network for me that I never took advantage of.  Keeping the blind eye to these networks kept me in a comfort zone I am glad to be out of.  I am now willing to get my hands dirty and try things before I estimate its worth.   This is tool I can use in every aspect of my life and I know it will make a difference.

Approaching the end of my journey on the digital bus, I have realized that it is no different than the buses I have seen on my many trips to India.  They look like regular buses we have here in North America but they are never too full for anyone even if it means sitting on the roof or hanging off the back.  Although I was never allowed to get on a bus in India and could just admire them from my car window, the digital bus is one that I am glad I got onto.  It too looks like there is an overload of information yet there is always room for more!


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